Abhyuday produces its own key raw material using sustainable agro- practices and contract farming; providing its customers with high quality and consistent bulk extracts throughout the year. Our production unit has capacity to produce large volumes that are tailor made to suit every client’s requirement in a cGMP environment. 

We belong to generations of farmers therefore we are taking a step forward by converting traditional farming into organic farming. We reside in the state of Rajasthan, which has Arid soil and suitable temperate to produce multiple forms of grains and vegetation. We occupy considerable amount of farming land one ranging from 500 acres to 800 acres, in total we have more then 1000 acres of cultivation land that is rich in minerals and nutrients.

My father is a efficient business man and is a person of virtue who believed that the land you occupy is giving you much so you must take good care of it, his efforts have kept the richness of soil alive and hence today we as next generation are using it for organic farming, following his virtue we are alive in the market due to our dedication in work and customers satisfaction.

Indians have had traditional and customary roots where every form of nature is prayed by us, therefore land being the source of everything is called as the “mother land” so as farmers we pray our work, we believe in fairness and quality of work, this being the virtue of our work we are here to give you the quality that you desire.

The produce that we make from our farms is also consumed by us equally and our family members. The rich oils that is extracted from the peanut seeds and the sesame seeds is daily consumed in cooking. Hence what we give you is personally tested on us and we assure you laboratory tested quality with due certifications from the government of India and the respective government that import our produce.


  • Our vision is to set highest standards of customer satisfaction, product development, manufacturing, delivery and in all other domains of our business and be the industry leader globally.
  • We believe the best ingredients can only come from the finest raw materials; Quality is the key to success.
  • An uncompromising commitment for quality product in every sphere of work.
  • Our GMPs assure the purity, consistent composition, and quality of all of our finished products.
  • Our vision is to become one of the global players, our value guides the choices and the decisions that our customers ask for. It captures our vision to be best in whatever that we endeavor.