Best agricultural collection from best geographic locations

Abhyuday’s all herbal extracts contains a variety of bio-active constituents which belong from different geographic location, it  is also our in-house collection and we are processing many botanical plants which are used in our extraction process and all these herbs are planted over vast area that we own. Therefore we do not have to outsource the majority of our raw materials. Abhyuday provides only high-grade raw material collected from the best geographic location such as, sand loamy or light red soils. We have complete control over our production department & no dependence on others. The state of Rajasthan in India is one of the most exclusively suited terrains known to grow the best quality of some herbs of the world.

High-quality manufacturing process: –

Abhyuday stringently followed ‘WHO’ and US-FDA guidelines on GMP and also follow Indian quality department guidelines for environment and processing unit. We set internationally approved standards and practices for product testing, manufacturing storage, handling and distribution.

Abhyuday believes in offering safe and effective products and therefore does not compromise on systems and documentations. Abhyuday’s internal manufacturing controls provides documentation proof that correct procedures are consistently followed at each function of processing and during every process a group of extraction is made. Extensive controls cover the sanitation and hygiene of our personal facility; utensils and machinery are strictly ensured. Controls are also in place for handling materials throughout each process of the production system, such as worksheets, assuring consistency from batch-to-batch, easy monitoring and averting any chances of contamination and adulteration.

Standard laboratory equipment testing: –

Abhyuday used various internationally prescribed quality standards in its state-of-the-art laboratory. All raw and extraction material is inspected by the laboratory quality control unit. We have followed freshness labelling guidelines. Trained and highly qualified doctors and scientist are handling all the material from raw stock to the finished process. In base we have specialised products for the client-based requirement.

  • Quality on units
  • Quality taking the raw material
  • Highly standard laboratory testing
  • Microscopy and Petri-grid analysis
  • PH factor testing
  • Bioactive compound analysis
  • Pesticide testing

Highly quality packaging: –

Abhyuday strictly follows every protocol used in the packaging, from storing of raw herbs to finished process. Unspoiled labelling and hygienic handling are followed. We have used standard exports packaging policy for packaging of finished herbal extractions.